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OMAHA, Neb. - Former "Back" and senior Cole Sturgeon spent some time with CardsTV discussing the first few days in Omaha for the 2014 College World Series.


Ball State Baseball's and former "Back" Sean Godfrey was told he was too small. He was told he needed to fill out. His size didn't stop him from living his dream of playing college baseball. While his career at Ball State began with a 2-17 start, he perservered.

You are watching Wilmington Blue Rocks reliever and former "Back" Andrew Edwards against Winston-Salem Dash left fielder Courtney Hawkins in the 8th inning on August 17, 2014.  Andrew has been as high as 100mph this past year and is on the Royals 40 man roster.

Former "Back" Cole Sturgeon BP, 07-17-2016 at Trenton

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 Proud sponsor of the 2015 "Backs" Baseball program.

Proud sponsor of the 2015 "Backs" Baseball program.