Kolbrin Vitek - Ball State University - College All-American / 1st Rd. Draft pick - 2007 "Back" 

“Playing my senior summer for the Razorbacks was a good experience because of the competition and level of play. It helped me because the entire summer I was playing against the same level of competition that I was going to be experiencing during the up coming years of college ball. It got me prepared to play Div. 1 baseball and made the transition easier.”

Neil Holland - University of Louisville - College All-American / MLB Draft - 2006-2007 "Back"

“The Evansville Razorbacks is a great summerball team that plays the top elite teams in the country. I learned so much from being on the Backs my two years I was there. The coaching staff helped me mature as a player and helped me grow as a person. The Backs will get you very ready for the college or even the pro level because of the elite tournaments they play in with the top college and pro scouts being at every game. They recruit the best competition to play other top competition to help you in your future with baseball. They mix great coaching with great talent which results in very fun, laid back, competitive baseball. Playing for the Backs has been one of my top summer memories in my baseball career.”

Brad Vance - University of Southern Indiana - College All-American - 2007 "Back"

“Playing with the Razorbacks was an experience I will never forget. My parents really pushed me to play with them over the summer and I decided to give a go, turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Playing with other players that are just as good, if not better than you, and making life-long friends was the best part. The competition was very competitive and helped prepare me for college. The coaches, specifically Jeremy Johnson, know a lot of college coaches and he does his best to find you a place to play if you are unsigned. Because of Coach Johnson, I was able to play for University of Southern Indiana and go on to win a D2 National Championship. Without the Razorbacks, I would not have this fat championship ring im lugging around today!”

Stewart Ijames - University of Louisville - College All-American / MLB Draft - 2005 & 2007 "Back"

“Having the opportunity to play for the Razorbacks was a great, and unique experience. It allowed me to have the opportunity to know what playing college baseball would be like, even before I got to college. 1.) It gave me the oppertunity to play against better competition on a regualr basis, making my skills even more fine tuned.  2.) you get to add onto your high school season and play in the summer, making you more prepared on what to expect with a 70 game season like you do in college. Coach Johnson and the crew do a great job with getting you to the team, having everything set up for you to have sucess and allowing you to compete at the top level. I had the opportunity to play for this team for two years. My sophmore year and my senior years in high school. Took a break my junior year to play with the Midland Redskins organization, although everything around me said to play with the Redskins and I do not regret making that decision, but going back on it now wish i would have made a different choice and played with the Razorbacks again. He made showing up to games fun, and kept us in it because he had a passion to win that just made you want to match it. I have nothing but respect for Coach Johnson and his crew, and plan on keeping in contact with him for many years down the road.”

Dean Kiekhefer - University of Louisville - MLB Draft / St. Louis Cardinals - 2006-2007 "Back"

When you are in high school you don’t really think about how college life or even pro ball life is going to be.  One of the main things that kids struggle with is leaving home, maybe not just their parents or friends, but their surroundings and the town they have grown up in.  Choosing to play for the Razorbacks was one of the best decisions I ever made because it gave me an opportunity to experience life away from home and it was structured.  You didn’t just get thrown into the fire.  The people you meet (teammates, coaches) you will never forget.  To this day I still keep in touch with many of my teammates on the Razorbacks and our friendship goes beyond the sport we shared in common.  Many of us have gone on to successful college careers and even pro, so the Razorbacks are definantly doing something right!  You should feel honored to be asked to be a part of this special team and I hope you leave a great mark as the ones before you have!”

Jeremy Dobbs - Austin Peay University - OVC Pitcher of the Year / MLB Draft - 2008 "Back"

“Playing for Coach Johnson and the Razorbacks is as close to a real life group of Sandlot guys that I have ever played with. The team basically travels to any top-notch tournament within 300 miles of Evansville. In between tournaments, if you live nowhere near evansville, you are welcomed into Coach Davis’s house to live for the summer.  As far as the integrety, schedule, and competitiveness of the team, it is as legit as it gets for those of us who aren't future first rounders.”

Hunter Owens - Indiana State University - 25th Round Draft MLB / 1st-Team All-MVC - 2012 "Back"

"Getting the opportunity to be a Razorback was a huge blessing. Not only did I get to experience top of the line competition, I also developed close friendships with my "Backs" teammates and coaches. The only regret I have is not finding Jeremy and the Razorbacks sooner. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a great group of guys who loved to have fun and win. Jeremy and his guys recruit the best of the best, and truly care about their players. Razorback baseball prepared me for D1 college baseball and gave me a taste of what it takes to be successful. It's simple. "Backs" Baseball wants to compete, win, and sign NLI's."

Justin Amlung - University of Louisville - College All-American / 2012 Big-East Pitcher of the Year - 2008 "Back"

“As a underrated high school senior, the Razorbacks got me the exposure I needed to play at the next level. Not only did it get me there, but it also prepared me for the level of competition that I would be facing. There is no better team to play for.”

Easton McGee - University of Kentucky - High School All-American / 4th Round Draft MLB - 2014-2016 "Back"

"The three summers and 1 fall I spent with the Razorbacks were definitely some times I won't forget. Coach Johnson was a great coach along with Bob and Z. It wasn't a team to where the coaches would try to critique everything you did, it was more of a go out and show us what you can do type team. The biggest thing that helped with that coach Johnson did not baby anyone. It was a college prep team essentially. All the players would room together and that gave us a chance to kinda get away from our parents. This helped me realize a little bit how it would be on my own. And being away from my parents also brought more responsibilities. This allowed me to grow up more and make better decisions. Bob would allow us players to stay at his house when we played in Evansville or the night before we left to go out of town. This helped to build team chemistry more and that translated on to the field. There is no one man show on coach Johnson's teams. All the players he got for the summer teams were always really good guys and fun to be around and we would always play like we've been playing together for years by the first weekend. Coach Johnson was getting us ready for our baseball career past summer ball while still competing for tournament championships at the same time. Playing for the Razorbacks was just an all around great experience for me and I know all my friends that played would say the same thing. From the growing up, to the cutting up, to the competitive atmosphere in the dugout, it was a really great team to play on and I highly recommend it."

Tyler Horsley - Murray State University - All-State - 2015-2016 "Back"

"Being a part of a team as respected and talented as the Evansville Razorbacks was a real blessing. This team provided me with some great memories, one of which was winning a National Championship. They play the top competition in the region and provide great exposure to college coaches. In addition to playing against talented players, I also got the opportunity to play with some of the top players in the region. This team helped me a lot in deciding where I wanted to go to college and really helped to prepare me for Division 1 baseball. The coaches on this team work hard to help their players and without them, I don’t think I would have gotten the opportunities that I got. I strongly recommend this team to any high school players that have ambitions of playing at the next level."

Phil Forbis - Bellarmine University - 2012-2013 All-GLVC - 2010 "Back"

"Playing for the Razorbacks was one of the best decisions of my baseball career. When I played in the summer after my senior year, it helped me prepare mentally and physically for college baseball. Week in and week out we played against some of the best talent in the country. I also met some great friends and had just as much fun off the field as I did on it. If I could, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend playing for the Razorbacks for anyone who has the opportunity."

Dylan Dwyer - University of Kentucky - 2010-2012 "Back"

"Playing for the Razorbacks was a great experience.  Not only gaining new brothers for life, but it also helped me get exposure. Coach Johnson does a great job of doing everything in his power to allow you to play college baseball.  He has many connections and if you have the talent, he will get you where you want to be.  Being from a small town, if it weren't for the Razorbacks, I wouldn't be where I'm at today.  Playing for the "Backs" also prepared me for going off to college.  Being away for the majority of the summer got me away from my parents and made it easier when I got to Lexington.  Overall the experience is great.  Not only is it great prep for college, but you get to play for a top notch team.  Keep the "Back" legacy going and bring home another World Series Championship.

Sean Godfrey - Ball State University - College All-American - 2009 "Back"

"Getting the chance to play with the Razorbacks during the summer of my junior year of high school was a great opportunity for several reasons. Each weekend we faced great competition, which helped me prepare for the transition from high school to college baseball. I grew as a person and a player by facing better talent. In high school I wasn’t a highly sought after recruit so the opportunity to play for the Razorbacks definitely helped my exposure. Traveling around with my teammates and coaches was a blast. We were a tight-knit group who had a family atmosphere feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Razorback experience and would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

Jackson Sowell - Western Kentucky University - 2017 Stopper of the Year Watch List - 2012 "Back"

"You'll never regret signing on to play for the "Back's". One of the best decisions I've made in baseball. Coach Johnson and his staff know the game, have excellent connections at the next level and make the experience competitive and a great time. I met a bunch of new guys that will be friends for life. Coach Johnson was instrumental in getting me exposure so I can continue to play the game we all love. Coach Johnson puts countless hours into contacting college coaches to find the right place for you. He works hard to find a place where you can compete and contribute. I am proud to be a part of the 2012 World Series champions."

Daylan Nanny - Arizona Western College - 2017 "Back"

"Playing with the Razorbacks was the best summer I have ever had. It brought me some of my closest friends, along with some great road trip memories. I matured very much as a baseball player as well as a person this summer due to my summer with the Razorbacks. It definitely prepares you and gives you a leg up on competition heading into highly competitive and demanding college baseball, because our "best" was demanded of us from Coach J and staff day in and day out. Thankfully our "best" lead us to 40-0 with a National Title. The group of guys I played with are friends I will have for life and a group that will never be forgotten. To sum my summer with the Razorbacks up in one word would be "special"."

Halen Kirby - Southeastern Oklahoma University - 2007 "Back"

"The Razorbacks coaching staff gave me every opportunity to prepare for my upcoming freshman year at the University of Evansville. Coming from Texas, I had no idea what it would be like living so far from home. The high level of competition, family environment, and complete commitment from my coaches and teammates gave me full preparations for playing college baseball. I thank Coach Johnson for his time and dedication that helped me strengthen my work ethic and commitment to playing college baseball. The friendships and experiences I gained are unforgettable and I would do it all again if I had the opportunity."

Kim Graham (Dylan Dwyer's Mom)

"Coach Johnson's gave me a promise at our first meeting, to hand hold us until my son received a college offer/signing. I thought, "wow, pretty sure of himself, isn't he." Then not even halfway into the summer, the phone began to ring. Throughout the next 6 weeks of Razorback baseball, Coach Johnson had invited some of the states best D1 schools out. From those invites came offers, from the offers came opportunities and from the opportunities came a D1 signing with UK. Thank you Coach for being true to your word. Your love of the game and devotion to the players is outstanding. You made a firm believer in this doubting northerner of your program. THANK YOU and keep up the great work!"

Sam Linette - Depauw University - Asst Coach Anderson University - 2006 "Back"

"Playing for the Evansville Razorbacks was a phenomenal experience. It was by far the most talented team I had the privilege to play for. My teammates were MLB draftees and DI prospects, many of which continued to play after college. Because of that, we played in front of pro scouts and top college programs consistently in front of some of the best competition and biggest tournaments in the country, many of which we were finalists or champs. The exposure was very good. The players were also great teammates and a fun group of guys to be around. I loved being on the field with that team and still keep in contact with some of them years later. I attribute a lot of that to the coaching staff. Coach Johnson and Coach Davis do a great job of not only recruiting top talent but also running a quality organization. They've gone the extra mile to make our experience the best it could possibly be. From critiquing and coaching us on the field and off to feeding and housing us in their own homes when needed, Coach Johnson and Coach Davis invested in us and prepared us to handle ourselves as quality ball players at the next level. I continue to keep in touch with the coaches today. Coach Johnson continues to be a positive influence and vital resource for me in my coaching career."

Anton Garcia - Bellarmine University - 2005-2006 "Back"

"Playing for the Razorbacks for two years was one of the best decisions I have made. I had the opportunity to meet and play with the best players in the area. Not only did I have this great opportunity, but also had the opportunity to play against top high school players around the nation. Competing versus the best talent in the nation day in and day out, helped me reached my full potential, which ultimately prepared me for college. Due to the amount of talent and experience we had on the team we were able to help each other in all aspects of the game. We created a strong bond that helped us overcome all of the adversities we faced both on and off the field. We also had the support from our coaches who gave us the chance to perform the best of our abilities and putting us in situations where we were able to succeed. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would do it in a heartbeat. This was an experience that I would never forget."

Tirey Burch - Ohio University - 2011-2012 "Back"

"Hands down best baseball expierence of my life. I not only grew better as a player but also made lifetime memories that I will never forget. Coach Johnson, Davis, and Zeller made such an impact on me and they never recieve enough credit for the effort and time they spend on helping high school baseball players. They care about each player and love baseball just as much as the players. I could not of asked for a more organized and competive summer baseball team. I give a lot of credit to the Razorback organization for the player and person that I have become today."


Hamilton Carr - University of Southern Indiana - All-GLVC - 2012 "Back"

"I had one of the best summers of my life when I played for the Razorbacks. I got to play with a lot of great guys and had a lot of fun times on and off the field with them. Coach Johnson does a good job of picking the best kids in the area to represent the Razorback organization. It was awesome to travel around to different tournaments and play against guys that were going to Division 1 colleges. Winning the national championship at Victory Field was a feeling that I will never forget! And I guess breaking the Razorback stolen base record was pretty cool too!"

Jonathan Craycraft - David Lipscomb University - 2008 "Back"

“Playing with the Razorbacks in 2008 was one of the best experiences I’ve had on and off the field. The opportunity to meet and play with great players from all over the region and to compete on one of the premiere summer ball programs in the nation is something that will never leave me. The summer with the ‘Backs better prepared me to play at the Div 1 level and was not only a great competitive summer, but I can’t say I’ve had more fun playing baseball since little league.”

Brady Frey - Tennessee Wesleyan College - 2007 "Back"

“The Razorbacks summer ball team was a great experience for me, with having good coaches and tough scheduling youll come out a better ball player, it also gives you chance to meet new players and friends and have a good bond with the coaches and teammates. “

Jeff Arnold - University of Louisville - MLB Draft 26th Rd. - 2006 "Back"

“Playing for the Razorbacks was one of the best experiences I have ever had playing baseball.  I have played at almost every level imaginable to this point of my life, but my summer spent with Razorback baseball was one of the most enjoyable.  Just like any team our priority was always to win, however the time spent with my teammates is what made it special.  The coaches provided housing to accommodate guys who needed to travel to Evansville, and it was during this time that we developed our team chemistry and camaraderie.  Although the guys I met and the times we spent together were what made the summer unique, the real reason for joining a team like the Razorbacks was to gain experience playing against college level competition and be exposed to college coaches and professional scouts.  I feel like Coach Johnson did a terrific job of scheduling high quality opponents, while at the same time making sure we would be playing in tournaments/showcases that attracted large numbers of coaches and scouts.  The schedule definitely kept me busy throughout the summer, however it was not overwhelming.  There were still many off days that allowed us to enjoy our summer away from baseball as well.  In conclusion, I am certainly glad that I played for the Razorbacks, and I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.”

Brandon Allen - Western Kentucky University - 2011 "Back"

“The Razorback nation starts off slow but as you get to play with the group of guys and grow great friendships that you will never lose. It is a great time and the coaches are fun to hang around, they are more than just coaches.  Jeremy is a good recruiter but also knows how to talk to coaches and get you a scholarship hook up. If you pass on playing for this team then we know your not ready for the reality of college baseball.”

Alex Love - Murray State University - 2004 "Back"

“Playing for the Razorbacks was by far the best summer baseball experience I have ever had. You get to play with some of the best players from all around while playing against competition you won't find anywhere else. Coach Johnson has built a legacy with this program that attracts scouts from all over the country. You can guarantee that you will get seen by several major league scouts and major college coaches throughout the summer along with the possibility of some winning some more trophies coach Johnson can stack somewhere in his house. If you want the best people to play with, good competition to play against, and a coaching staff that can improve your game while allowing you to have fun on the field and on road trips, then the Razorbacks should be your number one choice.”

Marc Harmon - Murray State University - 2004-2005 "Back"

“Playing for the Evansville Razorbacks was a great experience for me in highschool. The tough competition really prepared me for D1 baseball. The coaches were great as well and really help you find a good collegiate program that fits you. If you are looking for a great summer on and off the field and really want to develop your game playing against tough competition than the Evansville Razorbacks is the best choice.”

Kiley Jones - University of Cincinnati - 2006-2008 "Back"

“There is no better team to prepare high school players for college baseball than the Evansville Razorbacks. We competed at a very high level against the best summer teams in the Midwest each year.”

Aaron Johnson - Armstrong Atlantic State - 2003 "Back"

“I have played on many baseball teams throughout my career from the Junior College to Division II level, and I can honestly say that playing with the Razorbacks and Coach Johnson was the most fun and talented team I have played on. Coach Johnson got some of the best talent from the tri-state area who were all humble and good teammates. Summer ball was always more relaxed and fun for me and Coach Johnson definitely provided that atmosphere of just showing up and playing ball. We played against some of the best talent around the eastern half of the US and in some big tournaments and it feels good to watch current MLB players on tv and say we either beat or almost beat that guy when I was 18! I would highly recommend playing for the Razorbacks for any high schooler who is serious about winning and competing at the next level and who wants to improve by playing with and against better players. If only the 03' Razorbacks could have stayed together and formed their own college team!”

Aaron Clark - University of Southern Indiana - Academic All-GLVC - 2003 "Back"

“I have played on many baseball teams throughout my career from the Junior College to Division II level, and I can honestly say that playing with the Razorbacks and Coach Johnson was the most fun and talented team I have played on. Coach Johnson got some of the best talent from the tri-state area who were all humble and good teammates. Summer ball was always more relaxed and fun for me and Coach Johnson definitely provided that atmosphere of just showing up and playing ball. We played against some of the best talent around the eastern half of the US and in some big tournaments and it feels good to watch current MLB players on tv and say we either beat or almost beat that guy when I was 18! I would highly recommend playing for the Razorbacks for any high schooler who is serious about winning and competing at the next level and who wants to improve by playing with and against better players. If only the 03' Razorbacks could have stayed together and formed their own college team!”

Bryce Gibson - University of Evansville - 2003 "Back"

“I was fortunate to play on the Black Sox with my brothers in '01 and I can honestly say we saw the best competition that I have ever seen. We had an absolute blast playing against several D-1 and Pro prospects, and we carried several D-1 and Pro prospects ourselves. I also played for the '03 Razorbacks that Jeremy coached and again the competition was top notch, and the atmosphere was fun and exciting. Jeremy always emphasized playing our best, having fun, and of course the pursuit of winning. I caught for both the '01 and '03 teams and as a result improved my game playing and game thinking tremendously. The experience was well worth it and if I had it to do all over again I would not hesitate.”

Tyler Dunaway - University of Kentucky - 2008-2009 "Back"

“Playing with the Razorbacks was a great experience. I had a great time hanging out with my teammates and the competition helped prepare me for college.”

Joe Devine - University of Kentucky - 2006-2007 "Back"

“Razorback baseball helped me achieve the goal of furthering my athletic experience. My accomplishments are a testiment to to Coach Johnson and the rest of the staff, for teaching lessons off the field as well as on.”

Dusty Seymour - Jacksonville State University - 2002-2003 "Back"

“I was lucky enough to be the catcher for the first Razorbacks team in 2002, and also played in 2003. Playing for Jeremy was about having fun and playing hard to the best of my ability every time I stepped on the field. The experienced that I gained while playing for the Razorbacks can not be replaced. Jeremy was able to prepare me for what I had to face at the Junior College level and Division I level. Spending my summer playing against some of the best competition in the Midwest was the greatest thing I could've done for my baseball career. Jeremy also put my name out there and contacted as many schools as he could possibly contact, to get me signed to a good program. I am very thankful to Jeremy and the coaching staff for preparing me for what I was later able to accomplish. If you have any aspirations of being a college baseball player than spending your summers with the Razorbacks is the best thing for you to do.”

Alex Berry - Valparaiso University - 2004-2005 "Back"

“Some of my best baseball memories are playing for the Evansville Razorbacks. Coach Johnson is a hard working coach who is devoted to promoting his players. There is no better preparation for collegiate baseball than playing with the Razorbacks. During my time there, we played against some of the best teams and players in the country. Coach Johnson is consistently able to assemble teams with the best players in the tri-state area. I am grateful for my time with the Razorbacks, and truly believe that playing for them is ultimately what allowed me to achieve my lifelong dream of playing Division I baseball.”

Jason Sullivan - Western Carolina University - Southern Conf. POW - 2006 "Back"

I played for the Razorbacks in 2006 and it was one of the best experiences I've had playing summer ball. We played at a very high level against some of the best summer teams in the area. Coach Johnson recruits the best players in the area, so there is no better team to prepare high school players for college than the Razorbacks. We played against several Division 1 prospects as well as pro prospects while also getting noticed by several college and pro scouts. It helped prepare me to play baseball at the JUCO and Division 1 levels.”

Cory Julian - University of Southern Indiana - 2003-2004 "Back"

“Playing for the Razorbacks was a great decision for me. After playing Legion for a couple years this was a big change. Better competition and a new atmosphere came along with it. Jeremy was dedicated to getting the best talent in the area. This lead to a lot of wins, but that isn't the best thing I remember about playing with the Razorbacks. I met several friends through the Razorbacks, including my best friend. I was the best man in his wedding and he is going to be the best man in my wedding this summer. We have bought our homes within walking distance of each other and this friendship stems from us meeting through Razorbacks. I say if you are asked to play with the Razorbacks it is something that should be done.”

Trey Wheeler - Union College, KY - 2005-2006 "Back"

“Playing for the Razorbacks for two summers in a row was one of the best things I ever chose to do. I have memories and friends that will last forever and no doubt the competition on the field was top notch! I saw pitching I hadn't seen before as well as hitters that were very good. The coaches are outstanding and will do anything they can to help you in the future as well as take care of you all summer! I would go back and play for them again in a heartbeat if I could!”

Derek Hayden - Murray State University - 2006 "Back"

Playing with the Razorbacks prepared me mentally and physically for the collegiate level. The caliber of competition that we faced allowed me to match up against other players that were also going to play at the college level. The road trips and tournaments prepared me for the college baseball lifestyle and helped me greatly in knowing what to expect.”

Cleve Upton - Vincennes University - 2002-2003 "Back"

“Playing for the razorbacks was an experience of a lifetime. The coaches were on top of their game and I had a blast meeting and playing with guys who were top notch. The level of competition we played against was some of the best in the country. We could look across the field into the other dugout and see guys who had been drafted or were on their way to major D-1 schools. Playing at that level made us all alot better and prepared us for the next level. I would tell anybody looking to succeed at the next level to check out the razorbacks because it is definitely an organization that can get you there.”

Derek Peterson - Temple University - 2009-2010 "Back"

“Getting the opportunity to play for the razorbacks in 2009 and 2010 was not only a privilege but also a blessing. It allowed myself to grow as a person and adapt to parts of the country I have never traveled to. On the diamond the coaching staff prepared me for the intensity of college baseball and put our team up against the most elite teams in the country. To be apart of the Razorbacks is an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone who wants to be on the most elite stage of 18u baseball and to be scouted by hundreds of schools.”

Cheyenne VonKanel - Jackson State College - 2009-2010 "Back"

“I played for the Razorbacks and Coach Johnson for two years, in 2009-2010. Playing for the Razorbacks was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The competition is perfect for a high school player going into college. I have never been on a team where I faced so many draft picks. My first year we faced the Rawlings Prospects at the University of Louisville. This was a team that consisted of eight draft picks. The pitcher we faced was a first rounder. The pitching you will see if you play on the Razorbacks is unbelievable. Facing this type of pitching every weekend is much like a weekend series (conference series) in college baseball. What I mean is, every game is important to both teams, and you are facing each others best every game. Every game is important and every run is important. Every tournament is played in front of many scouts, so there are many opportunities to catch someone's eye and to get looks from coaches. Also, going by getting looks, Coach Johnson will do everything he can to find you the best fit for you college wise. Coach Johnson is a great guy, will do anything for you, he'll defend you if you need it, and he has a lot of connections with schools and if you impress him and ask him to help you, he will have schools calling you left and right. Coach Johnson definitly knows how to get a player looks. Winning is very important to Razorback Baseball, so if winning is important to you, Razorback Baseball will be right for you. "Refuse to Lose."”

Cole Isom - University of Evansville - MVC Pitcher of the Week - 2009-2010 "Back"

“Playing baseball for The Evansville Razorbacks for two summers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did playing for them help me get a D1 scholarship but it was also fun. Playing on fields such as Missouri and Louisville were undescribable. In the two summers that I played I went from having lower level JUCO options, to signing with the University of Evansville. I'm not saying playing with The Evansville Razorbacks will automaticlly get you a D1 scholarahip, but playing for them gave me better competition to face and also taught me alot about baseball.”

Logan Neal - Kentucky Wesleyan College - 2006 "Back"

“I had the most fun i have ever had in summer ball when i played with the razorbacks. We had the best team chemistry i've ever played with. We played top level competition and went to the world series that year. If u want to make real friends and play top level competition, then this is the team. The coach's were great with us and helped us better prepare ourselves for college “

Andrew Edwards - Western Kentucky University - 19th Round MLB Draft pick - 2010 "Back"

"Playing for the Razorbacks was a great learning experience on getting prepared for college baseball. The competition at this level was very challenging. This was by far one of the best summer teams I have ever been on."

Mike Shelburne - Coker College - 2005 "Back"

“Playing for the Razorbacks was truly a highlight of my baseball exerience. Coach Johnson's passion for and knowledge of the game of baseball creates both a fun and a learning atmosphere.  Largely because of my Razorback experience, I was given the opportunity to play college baseball. Coach Johnson ensures his players get top notch exposure to both college and pro scouts and helps guide his players through the process of going to the next level. He really cares about the individual and helping you reach your goals. I cannot think of a better place to play summer ball.”

Jake Luebbe - Nebraska-Kearney College - 2012 "Back"

"The  "Backs" are one of the best summer organizations you could play for, hands down. Coach Johnson, Zeller and Davis do a great job marketing a player's abilities and get you playing in front of the right people. If you want to play college baseball, this is the organization that will kick-start that process. Beyond all of that, you will meet guys that become good friends for years to come. It is a great way to get a feel of what college ball will be like due to the tough schedule Coach Johnson schedules each year. You are missing out on being a part of something special if you turn down an opportunity to play with the "Backs".

Ben Morrison - Western Kentucky University - 2012-2013 "Back"

"Razorback baseball is easily one of the top notch programs in the country. Throughout my two summers as a 'Back, I played against elite competition. I also met some good friends and had some great times that I will remember forever. Coach Johnson really knows the game, and his ability to recruit talent is second to none. He also has many high level connections and will do everything in his power to get you playing at the next level. There is no reason you shouldn't take up the offer to be a 'Back. You won't regret it."

Nick Eggemeyer - University of Evansville - 2014 "Back"

"Playing for the razorbacks was a life changing experience, the only reason I am playing division 1 baseball at the University of Evansville is because of the exposure and connections the coaching staff provides for each player. If you are looking to play plus competition, have fun, win, and get to the next level playing with the Razorbacks is the team to be with. Again, it is a life changing experience that will hopefully change your life too. The coaches can't do it all for you, you must work hard and perform well, but if you are getting an invite to play chances are you can play the game pretty well already. Being a great teammate with high energy is a must as well, all for one and one for all will always be the mentality of the team. Just have fun, work hard, don't be complacent, and try to get better each game. I'd like to thank the coaches for what they did for me and know that if you play for this team you will be in good hands."

Taylor Pickens - Morehead State University - Pre-Season All-OVC - 2009-2010 "Back"

"Playing for the Razorbacks for two summers was one of my best experiences throughout my baseball career.  It not only challenges you as a player but it also surrounds you with people you will continue associating with for the rest of your life.  I met a lot of friends while playing with the Razorbacks and continued to play against throughout my college career.  That led to many conversations or “catching up”  before , during BP, or after the games with  former Razorbacks teammates,  not to mention if we squared off during the game!  The memories you make with your teammates and coaches last much longer than just a few summers.  You have an opportunity to play against the best competition, travel, and stay in hotels with all your teammates.  Playing for the Razorbacks was by far one of the best opportunities and decisions I have made throughout my lifetime. "

Austin Edge - University of Southern Indiana - 2014 Division II National Champion - 2011 "Back"

“By far one of the most fun summers playing baseball I have had.  Being an incoming college freshman it greatly helped me prepare for the college atmosphere. You always play the top competition which helps keep you sharp. It also gave me a chance to meet a great group of guys who all have one thing in common, the love for the game. I made some lasting friendships this summer including the coaches Jeremy, Bob, and Z."

Michael Darrell-Hicks - Western Kentucky University - 2015-2016 "Back"

"There is no substitute for playing with great talent and against great talent.  You have both with the Razorbacks.  Coach Johnson and the staff run a college like program and the experience was a huge part of my progress that resulted in my becoming a Division I pitcher at Western Kentucky University."

Cooper Trinkle - University of Evansville - 2017 "Back"

"Playing for the Razorbacks was the best summer of my life.  Being surrounded by so many high level baseball players while playing good competition definitely made me better as a player.  Also, I was able to form a brotherhood with my teammates like any other team I have ever been on.  Coach Johnson, Coach Bob, and Coach Z are all very knowledgeable baseball minds and always had my back.  If you love baseball, hate to lose, and want to prepare for college baseball, the Razorbacks are for you."