Thank you for taking the time to look into the "Backs" Baseball program.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a glimpse of what "Backs" Baseball expects from it's players each summer.  Our program is built upon the foundation of TEAM.  While we are a showcase program and work very hard to market our players, our organization was built on a commitment to teach our players to put the team first.  Our program has been built from the ground up by players who were committed to this and in turn have built something that was bigger then themselves, "Backs" Baseball.  It was this commitment from each of our alumni that has made being a "Back" what it is today.

  • COMMITMENT - A backbone of our program is for our players to be committed to the TEAM.  We expect our players to be at every game on the schedule unless excused by the coaching staff.

  • PASSIONATE - "Backs" Baseball is known for playing with passion.  I believe to earn anything worth keeping in life, you need to work for it and be passionate about it.  I strive to teach our players that playing with passion and a "Refuse to Lose" mentality will help them learn to challenge their own perceived limitations on and off the field and help them strive to become a more complete player/person.  I want players who love to compete.  Simply put, I want players who aren't afraid to play like it's game seven of the World Series at 9:00am on a Sunday.
  • APPRECIATIVE - I want our players to be appreciative of history.  Over the past thirteen seasons, over 200 15-18 year old young men have worn the "Backs" Baseball uniform with pride.  These young men are responsible for making "Backs" Baseball what it is today.  Please take a moment to read the player testimonials.  I want players who understand that when I tell them they are playing for something bigger then themselves, they understand what that means.  I want young men who want to leave their mark.  Just like the young men did before them.
  • HUNGRY - I want players who are hungry and have dreams.  What I mean by that is I want players who aren't satisfied with where they are at right now.  I want players who know to reach their potential/dreams, they will have to continue to work twice as hard as the guy next to them.
  • TRUSTWORTHY - I want young men I can trust.  Any relationship has to have trust to succeed.  Our program works directly with college coaches and speaks on behalf of our players in regards to their recruiting.  If I can not trust you, I cannot help you in your recruiting process.  I refuse to speak on a player's behalf if I cannot trust him.

    If you feel like you have the attributes listed above and are interested in potentially being a "Back" in 2015, please complete the Prospective Player Profile below.  I will contact you after I receive your profile to discuss your potential opportunities with the "Backs" Baseball program.